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Learn 8 easy classic rock guitar riffs

Learn 8 easy to play classic rock guitar riffs…….. All riffs have a slowed down version with tabs. WHOLE LOTTA LOVE – LED ZEPPELIN JUMPIN JACK FLASH – ROLLING STONES SATISFACTION – ROLLING STONES YOU REALLY GOT ME – KINKS ALL DAY & ALL OF THE NIGHT – KINKS SMOKE ON THE WATER – DEEP PURPLE VOODOO CHILE (SLIGHT RETURN) – HENDRIX SUNSHINE OF YOUR LOVE – CREAM Notes – These are basic versions designed for beginners to learn easily Some guitar retuning & key transposing may be necessary to exactly match recorded versions Jumping jack flash is my interpretation of the recorded version, not how it’s played live Voodoo Chile has been simplified Sunshine Of Your Love can be played bending the F on the 5th string if preferred! Satisfaction can be played equally well on the 5th string

The Best Rock Guitar Riffs of the 1970’s including Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead

Second decade in the series of greatest guitar riffs. PJ plays through 20 of the best known guitar riffs from the 1970’s. How many can you guess? The Best Rock Guitar Riffs of the 1970’s features Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Motorhead and more. Recorded on to cubase, using Guitar Rig 4 effects. Vintage Guitar, Gauge 10 Strings. Check out my other videos including history of Pop and Rock in 100 Piano Intros and Riffs.

Blues Rock Guitar Lessons – Guitar Solos – Tips on Phrasing for Solos

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Gus G Plays Classic Ozzy Riffs Exclusive Guitarist Magazine HD

Ozzy’s newish guitarist Gus G plays three classic riffs, Mr Crowley, Bark At The Moon and Crazy Train, exclusively in HD for Guitarist magazine. Don’t miss exclusive the Gus G techniques video in the Summer issue of Guitarist magazine, on sale 6 July 2011.

Lesson 14: How to Arpeggiate Guitar Chords (Chord Tone)

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Jasmine V App .99 Arpeggios: Part 3 ——————————————————————— Welcome to the final installment of your arpeggio training. This lesson focuses on the theory behind arpeggios and exactly why they’re so important. Enjoy! Chord Tones ——————————————————————— Using the chord tones you learned in previous lessons (the 3rd and the 5th intervals), it’s time to arpeggiate full chords. While the other two arpeggio patterns taught you how to pick arpeggios and experiment with new ways to play guitar chords, this exercise is equally as important because it shows you how chords are constructed used the root, the 3rd, and the 5th. Plus you get to dance around the neck a little bit. Refer to the video lesson above and the diagrams below to get a clear idea of how arpeggios shape chords.G major picking pattern: Hold the G bar chord shape and pick each note in succession up the chord using all downstrokes.C major picking pattern: Hold the C bar chord shape and pick each note in succession up the chord using all downstrokes.To complete the arpeggio reach up to the 8th fret on the 1st string for the C octave. Read more by visiting our page at: