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Suspended Chords And Their Use… (Guitar Lesson CH-003) How to play

Justin’s Completely Free, Guitar Chords Lessons. This is Lesson CH-003. In this lesson we will learn to expand your chord knowledge and make it sound a littl…

Blues Rock Guitar Solo Lesson – More fun with the BB King Box – Guitar Scales – Blues Licks


Progressive Rock Guitar Riff Tutorial Lesson – Inspired By John Petrucci & Opeth Check out Sam’s music and ‘like’ him on Facebook. Click for cool guitar freebies! Be…

Blues Inspired Rock – Blues and Rock Guitar Lessons – Inspired by Black Keys, White Stripes….

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Beginner guitar lesson learn how to change chords fast improve speed and play songs Click the link above for special 14 dvd Beginner DVD package offer for our You Tube fans. T…