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Queen – We Will Rock You – How to Play the Guitar Solo Lesson – Guitar Lessons

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Classic 50’s Rock Guitar – The “Oldies” Chord Progression [8.19 Guitar Teacher]

Learn the progression heard in thousands of songs (from early rock to today’s dance music) in five keys (the keys of C, G, D, A and E major) in this video gu…

Blues Rock Guitar Solo Lesson – More fun with the BB King Box – Guitar Scales – Blues Licks


Blues Inspired Rock – Blues and Rock Guitar Lessons – Inspired by Black Keys, White Stripes….

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Led Zeppelin Rock and Roll Guitar Lesson ProGuitarShop Riff of the Day. Learn how to play Led Zeppelin, Rock and Roll. We’re transforming our clean Fender DRRi into a classic Marshall Plexi with the new Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret MKIII. The blues based riff follows a familiar I, IV, V progression in the key of A, with a few Page twists. Due to the higher gain possibilities of the DLS MKIII, the preamp gain at only half will astonish with a classic Marshall grind. Enjoy your Led Zeppelin, Rock and Roll guitar lesson.